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03-10-2004, 12:40 AM
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Young-Hui Chang
Georgia Institute of Technology


Nam, E. K., M. Makhsous, et al. (2004). "Biomechanical and
histological evaluation of osteochondral transplantation in a rabbit
model." American Journal of Sports Medicine 32(2): 308-316.

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mismatch on contact pressure following osteochondral grafting - A
biomechanical study." American Journal of Sports Medicine 32(2):

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the literature." International Journal of Clinical Practice 58(1):

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extraction drilling on the initial fixation strength." American
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Nurmi, J. T., P. Kannus, et al. (2004). "Interference screw fixation
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deficits." American Journal of Sports Medicine 32(2): 494-497.


Ben-Nissan, B. (2004). "Nanoceramics in biomechanical applications."
Mrs Bulletin 29(1): 28-32.

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