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Orit Yarden
08-10-1993, 08:58 PM
Dear colleagues,
I am developing a three dimensional model of the arm (wrist and elbow
included) and racket for the backhand tennis stroke at the moment of ball
I am trying to determine the correct alignment of the different segments
(upper arm, forearm, hand, racket) at the moment of impact.
To be more specific, I would like to phrase several problems which I have
yet to solve :

1. What is the direction (angle) of the wrist flexion-extension axis in
relation to the elbow flexion-extension axis at the moment of impact
during backhand stroke ?

2. What is the correct angle between the longitudinal axis of the racket
and the long axis of the forearm (90 degrees or perhaps more)?

Any comment, advise, suggestion or reference would be most appreciated.

Orit Yarden
Tel Aviv University, Israel
email: yarden@eng.tau.ac.il