View Full Version : Mechanics of Infant Coronary Fistula

03-22-2004, 03:14 AM
Hello Everyone,

This question regards the biomechanics of a coronary fistula: how they
happen, why they happen, and why, on very rare occasions, they
spontaneously disappear.

But to emphasize the significance of the question and to welcome all
possible responses (even direct email), I must explain that this is a
personal request: my infant son was born on Tuesday morning, and has

I am asking for responses that treat the hemodynamics of this, along
with other details such as how the coronary arteries and coronary
nerves are mingled in the developing infant...

In this case, my son as a second artery. As one travels up along the
aorta, first comes the coronary artery (which branches out and feeds
the heart). Then this second one appears immediately behind the
first. This one does not bifurcate at all and returns to the pulmonary

Hemodynamically, this sounds like a pressure feedback loop. So...

Can catheterization dynamically open this artery up
more than it should?
And so on...

For the record, I am NOT asking for medical advice. I am just
trying to supplement my understanding of the condition.

Tom Impelluso

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