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Drew Smith, Phd
03-24-2004, 01:33 PM

There have been a few changes in the Biomechanics & Movement Science
Discussion Web Site (http://movement-analysis.com/biomch_l/) that may
interest you:

1. The web site has been streamlined with 5 forums in the Biomechanics and
Movement Science Information Exchange category and 2 forums in the
Announcements category.

2. Biomch-L postings will be automatically downloaded into the Biomch-L
Postings forum of the Discussion Web Site (after which I move them into one
of the remaining forums in the Information Exchange category, ie Members
Sharing Information, Research, Employment or Education).

3. If you are a member of the Discussion Web Site, you may opt to receive
copies of any postings made to the five forums in the Information Exchange
category sent via email by subscribing to any or all of the forums. You may
do so at this URL: http://movement-analysis.com/biomch_l/m2f_usercp.php.
[Please be warned that if you are also a subscriber of Biomch-L you may
receive multiple copies of some postings.] The moderators of Biomch-L
strongly encourage posters to Biomch-L to continue your discussions on the
Web Discussion Site, if possible.

Just for your information, the Biomechanics & Movement Science Discussion
Web Site has had almost 6,000 visitors since mid January this year.


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