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03-26-2004, 02:52 AM
Dear Colleagues,

The 4th International Conference on Strength Training
will be held at the city of Serres, Greece, 3-7
November 2004.

Confirmed keynote speakers are:

1. Prof. Dr. C. Commetti (France) : "Specific-strength
training in team sports"

2. Prof. Dr. RM Enoka (USA):"Muscle fatigue and the
mechanisms of task failure: implications for strength

3. Prof. Dr. S. Fleck (USA): "Undulating Periodization
Application to Athletes"

4. Prof. Dr. K. Hakkinen (Finland): "Neuromuscular
adaptations during concurrent strength and endurance
training versus strength training"

5. Prof. Dr. Dusan Hamar (Slovakia): "Medical aspects
of strength training"

6. Prof. Dr. J.E. Graves (USA): "Prescription of
Resistance training for the prevention and
rehabilitation of low-back pain"

7. Prof. Dr. Y. Kawakami (Japan): "Strength training
effects on muscle size and architecture: errors and

8. Prof. Dr. J. Mester (Germany): "The use of
vibration in strength training".

9. Dr. M. Morrissey (UK): "Resistance training in knee

10. Prof. Dr. D. Schmidtbleicher (Germany): "Jumping
exercises for explosive strength development in

11. Prof. Dr. H. Suominen (Finland) : "Strength
training for osteoporosis"

12.Prof. Dr. J. Volek (USA): "Nutritional aspects of
resistance training"

Deadline of abstract submission is July, 31st 2004

More information can be be found at

For further information please contact,

Mrs Maria Emmanouilidou, Msc, Communications officer
4th International Conference on Strength Training
Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at
Serres, Serres, Greece

Postal Address
TEFAA Serres
Serres 62110

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