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Ger Reilly
04-01-2004, 12:27 AM
Dear All

We have a small experiment involving a crack creation process in bone.
Previous researchers have shown that it is possible to monitor the crack
creation process using acoustic emission, and to distinguish between
microcracking and the creation and propagation of a main fracture crack.

We wish to use the lowest cost system for our experiment, and maybe one or
at most two transducers will suffice. Such a system is the 2 channel PCI
card and associated micro sensor with software available from PACUK or
PACNDT. Do any users have experience of this system for monitoring of
cracks in bone or if not can they suggest similar low cost system for this
experiment. Large Multichannel systems like the Vallen System are outside
of our budget so we have to confine our search to those in the most cost
effective category.

Any other advice will be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Ger Reilly
Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Technology, Sligo

ph: +353719155240
fax: +353719155390
email: reilly.ger@itsligo.ie

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