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04-03-2004, 08:04 PM
Greetings all,

Iím part way through writing up a paper and have hit a bit of a wall with
regard my artistic ability (more specifically my lack thereof).

In essence I would like to be able to display an articulated humerus and
ulna in various positions and deformations (the remainder of the upper limb
bones donít matter so much) in some 3d software. Iím moderately proficient
in Poser 5, Lightwave 6, and 3DSMax 5, so Iíd ideally like a compatible
model, although I could probably convert models from other sources if push
came to shove.

The thing is, all of the Public Domain models Iíve seen arenít terribly
detailed, and I need a model that relatively accurately shows things such as
the bicipital groove between the greater and lesser tuberosities, the distal
epicondyles, and maybe even the spiral groove.

Before I embark on creating one of these models myself, Iíd prefer to take
the easy option if someone knew of the whereabouts of what Iím looking for.

Thanks in advance,

Rod Whiteley,

University of Sydney

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