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04-12-2004, 08:18 AM
Position Announcement:

Senior Director Business Development and Project Management

Biomimetic Connections, Inc., a California-based start-up is establishing itself as the first service firm dedicated to advancing the role of biomimetics in serving optical, acoustical, bio/mechanical, and systems and control engineering. Its mission is to provide clients in these specific areas with an efficient and effective means to both monitor for relevant developments in biological materials, structures and systems, and to identify and engage biological expertise for purposes of acquiring 'biology-based guidance' in addressing specific engineering and product design requirements.

Increasingly, biology is providing valuable bio/mechanical engineering design insights into the development of advanced orthopedic, dental, and craniofacial prosthetics, rehabilitation equipment and training programs, MEMs-based devices, (microsensors, actuators) and diverse terrestrial, aeronautical and marine robot systems. Mechanical engineers are also drawing on biology to help design new toys and to develop computer animation programs for the entertainment industry.

To serve these and other product development areas, Biomimetic Connections (BC) is seeking a Senior Director of Business Development and Project Management for Mechanical Engineering. The position requires establishing scientific 'assessment and monitoring' agreements, and establishing and overseeing project contracts with corporate, academic, and government clients. The position also involves promoting BC's corporate capabilities. Assessment and monitoring contracts involve identifying developments in biology having potential value to clients. Project management contracts involve matching a client's requirements with relevant biological and affiliated expertise, and subsequently linking and managing off-site cross-disciplinary teams through project completion.

Meeting these requirements involves establishing close relationships with technology/engineering companies, research centers, institutes and working groups within commercial societies and associations. Identifying and engaging biological and affiliated expertise requires similar close associations with biologists, biology societies and associations, in addition to active participation at biology conferences.

Ideal Qualifications:

High-energy (30%+ travel)

Demonstrated multi-tasking skills involving concurrent projects

Strong cross-sector sales/business-development performance

PhD Bio/Medical/Mechanical Engineering, MBA

Ten or more years in product development

Lead responsibility for assembling and managing cross-disciplinary teams

Experienced in establishing and managing service contracts involving commercial, academic and government accounts

Licensing experience

Excellent oral and written communication skills


John Z. Pietrzyk President/CEO

Biomimetic Connections, Inc.

Email: jppietrzyk@sbcglobal.net

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