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04-13-2004, 11:58 PM
I would like to share with you a biomechanical
condition we are facing in our laboratory. We
collected data of arm movements made in the horizontal
plane using Optotrak motion analyses system. We are
interested in the movement of the shoulder and elbow
We asked to the subject to move the right arm far to
his left (180º spatial orientation) and far to his
right (0º spatial orientation). Despite the elbow
movement being in extension in both tasks, the elbow
muscle torque is into extension for 0º spatial
orientation (initially negative signal) and into
flexion for the 180º target orientation (initially
positive signal). The question is, how come the elbow
be extended in 180º if the torque is into flexion?
Thanks in advance.
Nadia Marconi
State University of Campinas

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