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Amanda J Maher
04-14-2004, 02:38 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L Members,

I need your help to complete a marketing research project for my degree. To
fulfill part of my graduation requirements at Louisiana State University I
have created an online survey about different EMG Features/Perspectives. I
need a large sample size and hope you can help. Your participation would be
very important to the outcome to my project.

All the answers are anonymous and you do not need extensive knowledge or
experience with EMG. The survey should only take about 15 minutes to
complete. You can access the survey by clicking the link below.
The link: http://cvoc.bus.lsu.edu/ss/wsb.dll/amaher1/EMGSurvey.htm

I need as many respondents as possible so please pass this survey on to
anyone else you know that might also be able to help! Your help, time and
participation would be greatly appreciated!

Amanda Maher

(Although this survey is for an LSU project l am also an employee at Motion
Lab Systems, an EMG manufacturer. I want to make it clear that this survey
is not designed to collect your private information for sales or contact
purposes. There are no questions requesting your identity or email address.
The survey is aimed at generating anonymous statistical data about EMG
features/preference for my graduation requirements. Your help is greatly

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