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Michel Pillu
04-14-2004, 05:55 PM
Hi Dear All,
Would you find enclosed the responses (some of them in French) I had
concerning the following request I made in February. Sorry to be so late and
lazy! Thank you to everybody. It helped me a lot.
On 11 Feb 04, at 18:57, Michel PILLU wrote:
> >
> Preparing a French book about kinesiology and biomechanics, I am > looking
for a strong paper (one or more) concerning forces and moments > transmitted
by finger joints during elementary tasks, such as finger > grips, working
with a hand-tool and so on. Do you know such a paper or > section in a book.
I made a large research trough MedLine but I did > not find anything as good
as I wish.

Consult the book of Zatsiorsky : Kinetics of human motion, pp 65-75
and 99-102. he has also recently published several papers on this subject.

At Hof
Institute of Human Movement Science
University of Groningen
PO Box 196
9700 AD Groningen
The Netherlands
Tel: (31) 50 363 2645


de mémoire, je vous suggère de vérifier les travaux de Latash (il y
a quelques années) et de Zatsiorsky (plus récemment).
Westling, G. Johansson RS. 1984. Factors influencing the force
control during precision grip. Exp Brain Res 53:277-284.

Danik Lafond, PhD

Dear Michel,

From a robotics perspective, I like Chapter 5 of Murray, Li, and
Sastry's book A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation. It gives
a nice framework for understanding the transmission of forces while

Eric R. Westervelt
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Ohio State University,
Columbus 650 Ackerman Rd., Suite 255, Columbus, OH 43202 (Office #226)
PHONE: 614-292-1649; FAX: 614-292-3163

Je ne sais pas si les travaux faits par Marc Latash à Penn State sur
les doigts pourraient vous aider???
A très bientôt et bon courage pour la rédaction de ce livre dont
j'attends la sortie avec impatience.
Bien à vous,
Annabelle Couillandre

Bonjour M. Pillu,

J'ai fait mon Master sur la force de préhension lors d'utilisation
d'outils à main et je n'avais rien trouvé de probant sur la question entre
1998 et 2000. Je crois que vous aurez plus de chance avec le finger grip.
Bonne chance,
Renée Saintonge
Etudiante en thèse
Laboratoire de Biomécanique (LBM)
ENSAM, Paris
tel +33-1-44-24-64-05
fax +33-1-44-24-63-66

I wrote a paper with Richard Wells applying a finger and wrist model
to typing - I've attached a pdf file.
It might help - it has a series of diagrams.
Peter J. Keir, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Kinesiology and Health Science, York University
364 Bethune College, 4700 Keele St., Toronto, ON, M3J 1P3
Phone: (416) 736-2100 x40085 Fax: (416) 736-5774
E-mail: pjkeir@yorku.ca

Michel PILLU
PhD Biomécanique
La Renaissance Sanitaire
Tél : 03 23 70 75 38
06 23 89 84 06
Fax : 03 23 70 53 24
E-mails : michel.pillu@hlrs-villiers.net


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