View Full Version : The Delsys Contest 2004 - Promoting Innovation in Electromyography

Devi De Luca
04-15-2004, 11:20 PM
The Delsys Contest 2004

Promoting Innovation in Electromyography

Summarize your innovative work using Electromyography to win a Bagnoli
4-channel EMG System, EMGworks software, and a DELL Dimension desktop
Computer, a package value of $ 9,000 (USD). Visit www.delsys.com for
details and online application.

Submissions of proposals for the Delsys Contest must be postmarked by
September 30, 2004 to receive consideration and the winner will be
announced on Oct 12, 2004.

The Delsys Contest was inaugurated last year on the 10th anniversary of
Delsys Inc. to promote innovation in the field of Electromyography.

Last year the award committee received 35 responses from researchers and
practitioners all over the world. Ms. Kim Sherman of Sandalwood, Inc.
won the contest with the proposal titled Error Proofing Human Action in
a Manufacturing Environment.

DelSys, Inc.
Boston, MA 02215

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