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Michael Young
08-18-1993, 08:18 AM
I am posting this question for another member of my group doing
research in the area of spinal biomechanics.

Please respond not to me, but to:


The Chattecx Lumbar Motion Monitor is a new applicaton of spinal
biomechanics instrumentation packaged for industrial or clinical
use. It was invented by Bill Marras of Ohio State and marketed
by Chattecx Corp. of Hixson, TN, USA.

The device looks like an exoskeleton resembling the lumbar vertebrae
and appears to be strapped dorsal on the user fixed at the sacral
and thoracic region.

Does anyone on the list have experience using the device? If so,
please mail comments to scott.mcclellan@u.cc.utah.edu. If enough
interest is shown, I will post a summary of them.

Thank you in advance.

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