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04-21-2004, 01:05 PM
Greeting all,

I am chasing two papers, and would appreciate any help:

1. Matsuo et al, Japanese journal of biomechanics in sports and exercise
4(4), 2000, 243-252

(Canít find the title, but it was a paper comparing kinematics of sidearm
and submarine style pitching)

2. I recall some work done where a radial nerve block (thereby rendering
triceps brachii inactive) was performed on a thrower who was subsequently
able to throw at 80% of his original velocity. I canít find it for the life
of me, and the closest I have came is a citing in Atwaterís 1979 paper1 when
she refers to a paper by E. Roberts in the CIC Symposium of Biomechanics,
Chicago (1971) who in turn had cited a pilot study by Dobbins (unreferenced)
discussing the role of triceps in throwing and using radial nerve blocks
along with cinematographic analysis. Pretty tenuous I know, butÖ.

All help would be greatly appreciated,

Rod Whiteley,

University of Sydney

1. Atwater AE. Biomechanics of overarm throwing movements and of throwing
injuries. Exerc Sport Sci Rev 1979;7:43-85.

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