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unknown user
08-18-1993, 02:41 PM
A while back I posted a request for info
and opinions of Bertec Force Platforms.
Here is a summary of what I received.
Sorry for the delay. By the way, it was fun to get back in touch with
some old school-mates who replied.

Address of Bertec is:
819 Loch Lomond Lane
OH 43085
Tel & Fax (614) 436 9966

Bertec Corporation
1484 Delashmut Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212


note from RK:
I expected that this survey would be biased towards people with complaints.
This was not the case:

We have used a Bertec platform for the past three years with very good results.
Larry Abraham
Kinesiology & Health Education
The University of Texas at Austin

Currently we, have two Bertec forceplates in our lab (models 6010 A, I
believe). The forceplates have worked great. We had a minor problem with
one and the response and service was timely, complete, and at no charge!
Dr. Berme is recognized as one of the foremost load cell designers in his
field, and is very interested in research in the field of biomechanics (see
articles with Pandy in J. of Biomechanics). The performance and durability
of the forceplates has been integral in our research. Sincerely,
Patrick Sparto and Mike Lee

Bertec is a relatively small company which manufactures their products as
they are ordered. More simply stated, Bertec does not maintain a large
inventory of products.
>From a "Pros" and "Cons" viewpoint, the advantage of dealing with such a
company is that products are manufactured with a knowledge of the specific
end user. This can be quite useful at times. On the other hand, delivery
can be delayed more readily if components are scarce at the time that an
order is placed.

Bertec is equipped to fabricate force plates of a wide variety of sizes,
and has also been working on developing some user friendly, yet reasonably
flexible software to accompany their force plates.
Peter Quesada

I have just finished setting up a gait lab in Chattanooga, for both
clinical and research purposes. I have two Bertec force platforms, and am
very impressed by them - their frequency response and stability are both
excellent, and although I have not done any tests for accuracy, the center
of pressure and calculated net moments about the joints appear very
believable. I have known Necip Berme for many years and have a high
opinion of him as a biomechanics research scientist. He has done a good
job in designing a force
Mike Whittle
Cline Chair of Rehabilitation Technology
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

I purchased a Bertec plate and have thus far been happy with it. I have
found Necip Berme extremely helpful. We were having a noise problem which
we thought might be in the amplifier. He was very attentive - sent us a
new amplifier to try, etc. As noise can be elusive, we're still not sure
of its source, but we brought in a separate ground to the lab and haven't
had the problem. I talked with Andriacchi before purchasing ours as he had
recent ly purchased 2 or 3 of his plates. He was also very happy with
them. He had run some tests on accuracy of cop and found calculations
within a few mm. The plates have preamplifiers and thus increase the
signal-noise ratio. They are a small company which has its advantages.
The plate is similar to AMTI's as it is of the strain gauge family. Bertec
did beat AMTI's quote. I'm also researching running and we purchased the
60 x 90 plate with ranges of 20,000 and 10,000 N vertical and shear
respect ively. The lowest natural frequencies are 700 and 300 Hz vertical
and shear respectively.
Irene McClay, PhD
Motion Analysis Lab, Univ. of Del

We have used the Bertec platforms for a few years now. We have had great
success with them. The Amplifiers are very stable. The plate itself is
rugged, and the acquisition is easy.
If you have any other questions, please get in touch.
Mark Redfern
Human Movement Analysis Laboratory
University of Pittsburgh
(412) 647-7923

finally my own opinion:
compared to amti and kistler, bertec plates of the 40x60 cm
size are substantially less expensive. however, at the larger size which
interested me the prices are very close. i was worried about going with a
one man company, so i think i will go amti.

Rodger Kram
Human Biodynamics Dept.
Univ. of California, Berkeley