View Full Version : Polhemus 3D Tracking Conference

David Dean
08-18-1993, 02:53 PM
Polhemus, Inc. will hold a 2 day seminar on 3D motion tracking at
their facility October 14-15. Here is a synopsis of the 4 sessions:

Thursday Morning
Free Breakfast
Review of Tracker, Fastrak, and 3DRAW products
electromagnetic tracking
critical parameters: accuracy, resolution, 6D freedom,
alternate measures, update and latency
Free Lunch
Thursday Afternoon
RS232 links
coordinate reference frames: euler angle idiosyncracies,
alignment methods
system synchronization, multiple sensors
causes of and consequences of magnetic distortion
system calibration/performance testing
Open Bar
Friday Morning
Free Breakfast
interpreting data for various applications: latency, filtering
calibrating variably mounted magnetic sources
overview of software interfaces
Friday Afternoon
Hands-on lab w/demos
controlling Tracker system with software
demos: multiple sensor tracking, virtual reality, 3D digitizing
Panel Discussion: Q&A
Open Forum by panel on current status/future of 3D motion tracking
informal Q&A
Herschell Murry, Dir. Engineering, Polhemus
Herbert Jones, Staff Scientist, Polhemus
tel (802) 655-3159
fax (802) 655-1439
To request registration form. Fee $595 before 9/1, $695 afterward