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Drew Smith
04-26-2004, 10:26 AM
NOTE: Please send replies to: Gary Blanchard [garyb@AMTIMAIL.COM]
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AMTI is seeking a sales and support engineer for its instrument division.
This position will be to support sales and technical staff with product
applications, customer inquiries, trade shows and conferences and to assist
with product modification and development. The applicant should be highly
motivated and enjoy working with and helping other people.

Requirements: Minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
(BSME), a graduate degree in Biomechanics or a related field would be a

Experience: 0-3 years in industry, product environment is a plus, strain
gage and load cell experience a super plus. Good computer skills are

AMTI offers competitive salaries, benefits and a 401K plan.

AMTI is a world wide supplier of biomechanics force measurement technology
including: Biomechanics force platforms, BioSoft data acquisition and
analysis software, AccuGait portable force platform systems, AccuSway
portable balance systems. For medical implant research and testing AMTI
manufactures the Boston Hip and Knee Simulators for physiologically correct
testing of prosthetic implants, Force-5 Multi-Axis material testing machine
and Multi-POD, a pin-on-disc machine for testing implant materials. For
industry AMTI manufacturers an extensive line of multi-axis force and torque
sensors, for additional information please visit our website at www.amti.biz

Applicants should fax or email their resume to:

Gary Blanchard
Fax: 617-216-5397

AMTI is an equal opportunity employer.

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