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Scott Delp
08-19-1993, 03:50 AM
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RESEARCH FACULTY and POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS with expertise in neurophysiology
and/or biomechanics are sought to carry out research on vestibulospinal control
of head position and posture in a newly established Center for Vestibular
Research supported jointly by NIH and NASA. A five year plan of research
involves the latest methods for single neuron recording and and behavioral
analysis in moving animals, biomechanical analysis of human postural and head
movement systems and computer modeling ranging from neural network models to
realistic biomechanical simulations.

Research opportunities are available with the following investigators.

James F. Baker, Northwestern University Neural and behavioral analyses of
linear vestibular-neck reflexes in alert primates. Emphasis will be placed on
recording and modeling the patterns of neural activity that underlie these
reflexes and their adaptive modulation.

Barry W. Peterson, Northwestern University and Rehabilitation Institute of
Chicago Analysis of neural and biomechanical contributions to human head
stabilization. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the contribution of
vestibular otolith organs to stabilizing responses.

Scott L. Delp, Northwestern University and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
- Biomechanical modeling of the neuromusculoskeltal system. Emphasis will be
placed on building anatomically based models of the human head-neck system.

For further information, contact: Barry W. Peterson, Director, Center for
Vestibular Research, Northwestern University Medical School, M211, Chicago, IL
60611. barry_peterson@plato.nwu.edu