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Rick Essner
05-03-2004, 06:54 AM
I would like to alert you to several postdoc/research associate positions and
engineering positions available in my laboratory at the University of

1) Realistic musculoskeletal model of jumping frogs.
My lab has been constructing a realistic musculoskeletal model of a jumping
frog in SIMM (see Journal of Experimental Biology 2002; volume 205 pages 1683-
1702 and 1987-2004.) We are presently using forward dynamic simulation on
several frog models to reconstruct the evolutionary history of anuran jumping
performance. Our ultimate goal, however, is to completely integrate the
musculoskeletal system from the molecular to the whole animal level in order to
determine how alterations at each level (e.g. biophysical) affect whole animal
jumping performance. The frog represents an excellent model system with which
to accomplish our objectives. Hence, we are looking for an individual with
expertise in SIMM, SD/FAST, Matlab, and C++ programming to assist with
modeling. Experience with experimental techniques such as high-speed
videography (Vicon), EMG, force analysis, and sonomicrometry would also be
helpful but is not required. Individuals with engineering or motor control
backgrounds would find working in my laboratory to be an excellent opportunity
for learning about muscle design and function.

2) Backpack which generates electrical energy
I have recently developed a backpack for humans which can generate
electricity during walking (and also reduce shoulder forces.) We seek an
engineer or biomechanist to help model and optimize hardware for the system.
In addition to modeling, it would be useful if the individual could help
instrument a backpack and perform empirical measurements (forces, pressures,
and work). Experience working with electrical generators or energy harvesting
systems would be helpful but is not a requirement. For further information
regarding the position(s) contact Dr. Larry Rome by e-mail
lrome@sas.upenn.edu. Please attach a curriculum vitae.

Lawrence C. Rome PhD
Professor of Biology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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