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Ekin Akalan
05-05-2004, 04:00 PM
I am a PhD student in Bogazici University, Biomedical Institute in Turkey and I also have a PT background. My thesis topic was about building musculoskeletal model of lower extremity and use it to simulate the human walking at the first stage.
I built a fundamental lower extremity model on ADAMS which has hip, knee,ankle joints and full Ct scanned volume rendered bones inside, each joint has tree revolute joints to represent 3 plane movements and I still working on it but after I saw the brochures of lifemod I understood that I am wasting my time on ADAMS. I may jump in to Lifemod to make my life easier.I used the trial version of lifemod. Evethough everything seems very easy in Brochures, I could not do something very usefull for me practically

So I am looking for a lifemod user in Baltimore and Boston area for a month.
To see how it works, how it can be used for musculoskeletal modeling
To gain some experience on using it for human movement modeling
To see its abilities of lifemod and figure out that if it works for my thesis purposes
I am lookingworward to hearing from you

N. Ekin Akalan MS. PT.

Director of the Gait Analysis Laboratory
I.U. Istanbul Medical Faculty 34390 Capa/Istanbul/Turkey

Doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering Institute
Bogazici University 34342 Bebek, Istanbul, Turkey

Phone: (212) 414-2000/32887 Fax: (212) 635 28 35


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