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Mahar, Andrew
05-10-2004, 06:35 AM
Hello all,

I have a few requests for the group. We have written some FEA custom code
in an attempt to create a 3D orthotropic femur that achieves density and
orientation following iterative loading. We wanted to check our results
with some basic clinical images before taking the next step. So, does
anyone have a 3D CT of an adult proximal femur (non-pathologic)? I know
that Scion (NIH) software can be used for image analysis, but do people us
this tool to calculate cortical density, trabecular orientation and volume
fraction? If there is any MatLab code that someone would be willing to
share (with proper acknowledgement), we would appreciate it. Finally, does
anyone have 2D slices or contact radiographs of a pediatric femur? The
pediatric data will be very helpful in developing the growing femur model.

Thanks to all in advance.


Andrew Mahar, MS

"Man is a tool using animal...without tools he is nothing; with tools he is
-Thomas Carlyle
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