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Nelson Sierra, M.s.
05-12-2004, 02:57 AM
Dear All:

Thank you for all who responded and here is the summary of responses
regarding size of markers for the hand.

Nelson Sierra, M.S.

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At MUN in the CRC Gait lab we use 12.5mm diameter markers.



Angela J. Tate, M.Sc.

Doctoral Candidate

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Memorial University of
Newfoundland St. John's, NL CANADA A1B 3X5 tel. (709) 737-8994 fax. (709)
737-4042 angelat@engr.mun.ca www.engr.mun.ca\~angelat

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You might want to ask Jurgen Streeck at the University of Texas at Austin...
I know he has done a lot of work on gestures, and I think he may have used
some motion analysis.

Good luck,

Kyle Voge

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You may want to check a couple of publications by Peter Braido and Xudong
Zhang, who used 5 mm diameter of markers to study finger movements. I have
been using just a bit smaller markers: three of 4 mm-diameter markers to
define each segment of finger.

However, I believe that the size of reflective markers for the finger or
hand really depends on the specificities of your project. For example, it
may be a little hard even for motion analysis experts to correctly answer
your question because your question has not specified what motion you are
dealing with, what joints you are interested in, 2D or 3D, and also whether
the ‘hand’ movement involves finger segments or not.

If you describe some more details about the project, I am sure that our
colleagues who are specialized in the motion analysis and the hand and
finger movements will be able to give some more help.

Good luck,


Shim, Jae Kun

The Pennsylvania State University

Biomechanics Laboratory, 39 Recreation Building/

Motor Control Laboratory, 20 Recreation Building

Department of Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Development

University Park, PA 16802

Email shimjaekun@psu.edu

Phone 814) 865-3445 (Biomechanics), 863-4424 (Motor Control)

Fax 814) 865-2440

Web Home www.personal.psu.edu/jus149

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I have used 1.2 cm diameter markers on the back of the hand and wrist
epicondyles (radial and ulnar). There was a tendency with a 6 camera system
to confuse the marker half-way along the 3rd metacarpal with the wrist
markers, while the markers on the 2nd and 5th metacarpal-phalangeal joints
had fewer problems.


Nancy Black, Ph.D., ing.

Professeure adjointe

Faculté d'ingénierie (secteur industriel) Université de Moncton Moncton, NB
E1A 3E9 http://www.umoncton.ca/genie/industriel/

téléphone (506) 858-4079

facsimile (506) 858-4082

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