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Young-Hui Chang
Georgia Institute of Technology

**NOTE there is a special issue resulting from the following symposium:
Tateishi, T., T. Ushida and K. Furukawa (2004). "Special issue -
International Symposium on Cell Biomechanics & Tissue Engineering at
the University of Tokyo in Japan." Materials Science & Engineering
C-Biomimetic and Supramolecular Systems 24(3): 321-321.


Delmas, P. D. and E. Seeman (2004). "Changes in bone mineral density
explain little of the reduction in vertebral or nonvertebral fracture
risk with anti-resorptive therapy." Bone 34(4): 599-604.

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partially prevents ovariectomy-induced bone loss while increasing
cortical bone formation." Bone 34(4): 609-618.


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semi-qualitative analysis by experimental fluid mechanics." European
Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery 27(3): 305-310.

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predicting left ventricular ejection fraction improvement." Journal
of Theoretical Biology 228(1): 7-15.


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Physiology & Behavior 81(1): 121-127.

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northern brown bandicoot, Isoodon macrourus, (Marsupalia :
Peramelidae)." Journal of Mammalogy 85(2): 296-301.

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related Tropidurus species: relationships with physiological
parameters and ecological divergence." Journal of Experimental
Biology 207(7): 1183-1192.

Porter, H. T. and P. J. Motta "A comparison of strike and prey
capture kinematics of three species of piscivorous fishes: Florida
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patients with osteoarthritis of the knee." Rheumatology 43(4):

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evaluate how people with Parkinson's Disease turn 180 degrees: an
activity frequently associated with falls." Disability and
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British." Nursing Research 53(2): 87-98.


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Interlimb Coordination: 3-33.

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injury. Neuro-Behavioral Determinants of Interlimb Coordination:

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"Evaluation of a theoretical model to quantify the sources of
metabolic cost in walking." American Journal of Physical Medicine &
Rehabilitation 83(5): 353-362.

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muscle activation patterns account for muscle activity during human
locomotion." Journal of Physiology-London 556(1): 267-282.

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"The force-driven harmonic oscillator model for energy-efficient
locomotion in individuals with transtibial amputation." Human
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type IISLAP lesions." American Journal of Sports Medicine 32(3):

Nurmi, J. T., H. Sievanen, P. Kannus, M. Jarvinen and T. L. N.
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cadaver tibia for evaluating interference screw fixation." American
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(2004). "Initial fixation strength of two bioabsorbable pins for the
fixation of hamstring grafts compared to interference screw fixation
- Single cycle and cyclic loading." American Journal of Sports
Medicine 32(3): 641-649.


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algorithm for model-based motion capture of movement sequences."
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with multilayer architecture for facial expression animation using
dynamic adaptive mesh." Ieee Transactions on Visualization and
Computer Graphics 10(3): 339-352.


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Guide to Management: 1-17.

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performed under general anesthesia in spastic cerebral palsy."
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and patients with hemiparetic stroke. Neuro-Behavioral Determinants
of Interlimb Coordination: 109-+.

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distant and on-line visual information on the control of approach
phase and step over an obstacle during locomotion." Experimental
Brain Research 155(4): 459-468.

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damage produces context-dependent deficits in control of leg dynamics
during obstacle avoidance." Experimental Brain Research 156(2):


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(2004). "Mechanical properties of soft tissue femoral fixation
devices for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction." American
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better than porcine tibia - A study of the structural properties of
three soft tissue fixation devices." American Journal of Sports
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vertical access open "interventional" multiple resonance imaging."
American Journal of Sports Medicine 32(3): 720-726.

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Sharma, V. K., S. R. Lone and A. Goel "Clocks for sex: loss of
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