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05-13-2004, 08:23 AM
Dear members,

Now that the web discussion forum has been running for about 9 months, and with the addition of a functioning Mail2Forum add-on, I'd like to poll members about how this forum might best serve your interests.

Those of you who have been members since early days will know that the number of forums has changed since last September. Originally, there were 3-4 categories, each with several forums. As testing of the Mail2Forum begain, it was decided to cut back to a bare minimum, so many forums serving similar purposes were collapsed into the ones we see today.

On the web site, attached to this posting, there is a poll asking you to give your input. Please visit the site and participate. This will help us in fine-tuning the web forum to better suit your needs. This poll will run for 4 weeks from today, after which I will post the results.


Drew Smith, PhD
Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics
University of Auckland, New Zealand

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