View Full Version : Is service teaching of Phyics a good idea?

05-23-2004, 07:25 PM
Dear all,

Our University / Department is considering the issue of whether service
teaching of introductory courses such as Physics (or Maths) to underpin
Biomechanics should be delivered as service teaching by subject experts or
be delivered by biomechanics staff. The same argument can also be extended
to Chemistry /biochemistry and Exercise Physiology.

The basic arguments for and against appear to be:

FOR: Using subject specialists in Physics allows departments to take full
advantage of available expertise therefore improve the teaching on
introductory courses.

AGAINST : Experts in Biomechanics are well capable of teaching introductory
courses covering say Physics related to their subject and in doing so are
more likely to make the material relevant and interesting.

I'm sure there are other Pros and Cons but I would like to hear these and
colleagues' opinions on whether introductory courses in say Physics or Maths
should be delivered as service teaching by specialist departments or
delivered by Biomechanics staff.

As always I will be pleased to share a summary of results.


Dr Drew Harrison
Lecturer in Biomechanics
Dept of Physical Education and Sports Science
University of Limerick
Tel: +353 61 202809
email drew.harrison@ul.ie

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