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05-25-2004, 06:53 PM
Hi all,
I am investigating the effect of obesity on trunk posture and moments at
the hip during a standing task. I have searched (with little success) for
methods used to determine segment mass and location of the centre of mass
in this population group. Sibella et al (2003) used Winter (1979) but added
an extra fat mass modelled as a hemisphere. Devita and Hortobagy (2003)
used a combination of Hanavan (1964) and Dempster (1959) to model the shank
and foot. Jensen et al (1996) published regression equations for pregnant
subjects, however in obesity the mass is distributed differently.
My question is: are there specific regression equations or proportional
data that have been published for obese subjects.

Wendy Gilleard PhD
School of Exercise Science and Sport Management
Southern Cross University
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