View Full Version : Adelaide Testing Machines (ATM's)?

05-28-2004, 12:35 AM
Does anybody have experience with Adelaide Testing Machines (ATM's)?

We have a TTS Series ATM (http://www.adelaidetesting.com/TTSseries/) and
recently purchased the FC-100 software, which is their load control
software closely related to their TC-100 software that was provided
initially with the machine.

We installed the software and are having problems with some of its
features. First of all, testing waveform is setup to only run in
tension-but we need compression. Moreover, we ran some trial tension tests
to see if the load control was functioning properly-but there was no way to
save the data at the conclusion of the test! Unfortunately, tech support
from ATM is virtually nil, so we seem to be stuck.

If anyone has any knowledge of the FC-100 or TC-100 software and could help
us, it would be greatly appreciated. Or, if there is a way to "by-pass"
the vendor software, even better.

Since it seems that there is very little available information related to
ATM testing machines, we will be happy to collate all responses in a
summary posting in the near future.

Thanks, Kevin Bell
Ferguson Laboratory

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