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05-28-2004, 01:33 AM
Hello everyone!
I am looking at quantifying spatio-temporal relations at intra and
inter-segmental level in catching. The preferred way of describing this
relationship has been through the analysis of cross-correlations based on
velocity or displacement time series of two signals. Although this method has
been commonly used, it is not well explained. To make long story short I have
calculated the correlations but they are well outside the +1 - -1 range, and i
am having difficulty to convert them to those values. I am not sure why this
happens, potentially i am missing a step. Also, I was wondering about the
role of the Z-transform in this procedure. Once again, this "step" resurfaces
in many studies, but its use and purpose is not addressed very well.
Thank You for any help, and your time.

Eryk Przysucha
Perceptual-Motor Behavior
University of Alberta

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