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Bethel Nagy
08-26-1993, 12:57 AM
I am a physical anthropologist with an interest in biomechanics, and with
a problem that perhaps some of you out there may be able to help me with. My
research focuses on reconstructing behavior from human skeletal remains from
archaeological contexts. I look at two things: muscle markings on bone and
the pattern of osteoarthritic changes on joint surfaces. My problem: I have
not been able to find many examples in biomechanical, biomedical, or anatomical
publications that illustrate areas of joint surface contact during specific
types of movement. The most work done seems to be on contact points in the
knee joint during flexion/ extension.
If I know more about joint contact areas, I will be able to reconstruct
movement from dry bone in much more detail than is currently possible. If any
of you have ideas, information, or references for me on this subject, I would
greatly appreciate the help.

Bethel Nagy asbln@asuacad
Dept. Anthropology, Arizona State Univ. Tempe, AZ 85287