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06-02-2004, 06:38 PM
Dear all,

We are conducting a 3D photogrammetry study and we need to cover wide
areas (more than 4 m) in each camera plane. So we would need to
construct a very large reference frame in a not very stable surface,
and I'm afraid it wouldn't be enough rigid and accurate.
We have thought to construct one shorter reference frame, cubic shaped
with 4 control points per bar, record it with the cameras and then,
after digitizing the control points multiply it mathematically using
cubic polynomials, so we could have one "imaginary" reference frame
twice bigger than the real.

Have any of you read anything about this subject? Do you think it would
be possible or it wouldn't be accurate enough?

Any suggestions will be valuable.

Kind regards.

Jose Luis Lopez Elvira.
Biomechanics laboratory.
Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia
Campus de Los Jerónimos, s/n
30107 Guadalupe - MURCIA- SPAIN
Fax.: +34 968 30 70 66
E-mail.: jllelvira@pdi.ucam.edu

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