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06-07-2004, 07:05 PM
Dear All,

for the in vivo evaluation of cartilage quality I am locking for a cartilage indentation tool small enough to fit in small joints (max diameter of the probe 3mm) during arthroscopy. Unfortunately commercially available tools (e.g. Artscan 200 http://www.kshproductor.fi/artscan/pages/as/arts1000.htm) are about 5mm in diameter.
So here comes my question: does anyone uses ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) (e.g. http://www.instron.com/applications/test_types/hardness/uci.asp) for cartilage indentation. It seems to be a valuable technique for hard and thick materials but I did not find any report on its application for cartilage indentation. On the other hand I believe that that technique might be resized up to a point it would be valuable for small probes without to much technical problems.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Böttcher.
Dr. P. Böttcher
Klinik für Kleintiere
Universität Leipzig
An den Tierkliniken 23
D-04103 Leipzig
Tel: #49-341-9738700
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