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Fong-chin Su
08-26-1993, 05:20 AM
Dear subscriber:

The following is the summary of EMG surface electrodes for Noraxon
I received. Great appreciation to all who respond.

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Subj: RE: EMG surface electrodes for Noraxon

Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1993 8:16:14 +1000 (EST)
From: BI_RSMITH@cchs.su.edu.au
Subject: RE: EMG surface electrodes for Noraxon

Dear Fong-Chin,
We also have a Noraxon Telemyo EMG system. We use Medi-Trace Pellet
Electrodes ECE 1801. Contrary to Noraxon's advertising the system seems to
allow as much movement artefact as any other system. We have to take as
much care with preparation of the subject as ever. That is, we prepare with
shaving then abrading the area lightly with fine sandpaper then alcohol
swab. When attaching the electrodes we tape the wires but not the electrode
Hope you have plenty of success with your system.
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Subj: noraxon electrodes

From: mrodgers@valhalla.cs.wright.edu (M. Rodgers)
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1993 10:50:11 -0400
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To: suf@mayo.EDU
Subject: noraxon electrodes

Fong-Chin Su;
We are using disposable electrodes from NDM. The order information is:
Baxter Hospital Supply
2320 McGall Rd.
Obetz, OH 43207-4898

Catalog number:65374-260
TenderTrace Neonatal ECG electrodes ($202.50/case)

Hope this is helpful.
Mary Rodgers

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Subj: Re: EMG surface electrodes for Noraxon

Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1993 16:34:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Scholz
Subject: Re: EMG surface electrodes for Noraxon
To: Fong-Chin Su
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Dear Fong-Chin,
I do not have a Noraxon system, but have requested funds
for their Telemyo system on a grant that is pending. Can
you provide me with your impressions of the system, good and
bad points? I'd appreciate it. Also, I believe that the
system uses snap on electrodes. If so, I have found that the
electrodes manufactured by Vermont Medical Inc., Industrial
Park, Bellows Falls, VT 05101, are ideal for EMG recording.
I have used them with an old Colbourn EMG system. They adhere
well to the skin for relatively long time periods and are
flexible. I have sampled their A10005-5Ot, A10005-T, and
A10001 (infant sized, breathable) electrodes. I found the
latter to be most satisfactory.

John Scholz