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Ton Van Den Bogert
06-08-2004, 06:58 AM
Richard Hinrichs wrote:

> Is there some connective tissue link between the stretch of the
> hamstrings and the stretch in the gastrocs not predicted by the
> simple 2 joint models of these muscles?

The only way to get a good answer is to take this question to the
anatomy lab. I suspect there are connections that we usually don't
notice, because we tend to see only what is in the textbook. Perhaps
also we have been too much influenced by the simplifications of
musculoskeletal modeling.

I distinctly remember seeing these connections when I taught gross
anatomy of horse and dog. Here is a nice illustration:
The insertion of the hamstrings is very broad in dogs and horses, and
extends to the calcaneus and even the patella. In humans this may be
less significant, but if you look for it, you may see something similar.

Do you know for sure that you feel discomfort in the gastrocnemius?
Could it be the fascia surrounding the calf muscles, being stretched by
the hamstrings?

Ton van den Bogert


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