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Paolo De Leva
06-08-2004, 05:57 PM
Ton van den Bogert wrote:

> Do you know for sure that you feel discomfort in the gastrocnemius?
> Could it be the fascia surrounding the calf muscles, being stretched by
> the hamstrings?

This question was asked to Richard Hinrichs, but I believe it is
interesting to report what several students of mine told me, which is
consistent with my own feeling when I perform hamstring hyperstretching
exercises with dorsally flexed ankle.

These students feel discomfort in the popliteal region, i.e. the
***posterior proximal*** region of the calf, close or coinciding with the
posterior distal aspect of the knee.

I don't know exactly if this pain is produced by receptors in the
***proximal*** insertion of the gastrocnemius or in the knee joint capsule
or in any other structure placed at that level.

I agree that the best answer will be posted by whoever has, in his/her
department, a good anatomy professor or orthopedic surgeon the next door
and will ask him/her the reason why this discomfort is generated. However,
this answer will be probably a very good and plausible hypothesis, based on
certain data, rather than a scientific certainty, because I don't think the
problem was ever scientifically studied, isolating with certainty the factor
or factors producing pain in the above described conditions.

Kind regards,

Paolo de LEVA

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