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06-16-2004, 02:48 AM
Dear colleagues,

I am seeking to create a single 2-D stick figure with overlay of multiple
frames to demonstrate movement protocols within a single Œsnapshot.š Our
current motion analysis system provides separated stick figure for selected
frames but not overlaid. Moving these spread out images to Photoshop is one
way to inefficiently try to merge them but the quality is not optimal. When
we worked with Peak, we were had to perform this function. We are also aware
of the commercial software called Mannequin, but this is not what wešre
seeking either. Does anyone have any simple (such as MatLab, LabView, etc.)
routines that they might be willing to share to perform this function?

Thank you for your replies. I will post the results.

Sujani Agraharasamakulam

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