View Full Version : elbow stability studies using flock of birds

06-17-2004, 08:02 AM

We are setting up a study of elbow stability using Ascension's pciBird
system. We were hoping to build on top of our existing test table, but
found that there was way too much distortion (the table was essentially
2 thick slabs of aluminum). At this point, we have redesigned and
rebuilt the table out of fiberglass, but there are still some steel
bolts in the assembly. In addition, we are planning on using a load
sensor near the wrist where the load is being applied (a block of
aluminum about 2"x1"x1").

I was wondering if anyone out there with experience in similar studies
would be willing to communicate with me (outside the discussion group)
to help evaluate our test table design -- with respect to Flock, load
sensing, as well as the general table design. Of course, once we have
validated and completed the test table, etc., I will post findings and

johnny chang

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