View Full Version : EMG Equipment - Summer Sale

Devi De Luca
06-18-2004, 12:27 AM
Delsys Inc. has in stock, Bagnoli and Myomonitor EMG equipment for Sale.
These systems are offered at a reduced rate.

The EMG equipment consists of Bagnoli EMG system (8 and 16 desktop EMG
system) and Myomonitor EMG System (16-ch data logger)

1:Bagnoli 8-ch EMG system, with EMGworks software and desktop AD Card =
$ 9,100 (2 units - immediate delivery)

2:Bagnoli 16-ch EMG system, with EMGworks software = $13,500 (2 units -
immediate delivery)

3:Myomonitor 16-ch data logger EMG system (complete package) = $12,900
(2 units - immediate delivery)

All these systems come with free tech support and repair assistance for
life-long. They carry one-year product warranty.

Should someone be interested, please contact Delsys on/before July 12th.

Contact information:
Phone: 617-236-0599 x 31
Email: Delsys@delsys.com

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