View Full Version : Mechanical basis for the twist

Joe Wright
06-18-2004, 08:51 AM
Hope you biomechanics can help me out.

In Badminton we look to twist onto the shuttle for maximum power smashes. By this I mean there's a rotation about the vertical axis that starts with the legs, then waist, then shoulders before the rest of the arm does its stuff (its mainly simultaneous from then on because of time restraints).

I'm trying to justify scientifically this serial activation rather than all of the rotations starting at once. One thought I had is that it helps with stretch shortening cycles. For example, as the shoulders rotate they help to stretch the pecks before the arm comes forward.

Are there any other benefits? It creates a sort of whiping action with the kinetic energy being passed down the chain but is this an advantage?

Sorry, my biomechanics isn't that great. Hope you can help


Joe Wright

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