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06-20-2004, 08:57 PM
Dear all,

We are setting up our gait lab and we'll concentrate on studying diabetic-naturopathic patients; that's why we will need to collect both plantar pressure data and kinetic data coming out from a force plate. In doing it we will place a sort of a "plantar pressure plate" over a force plate. Here comes my concern: if I'd like to cover the two systems, so that the patient doesn't know where they are, is there any material that would not alter the plantar pressure data? I'm afraid that if I use a common walkway material (linoleum, moquette...) the signal I measure might be altered from the contact between the foot and the mat, the mat and the pressure plate.

Any help and advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I will post all relevant answers in the near future.

Many Thanks,

Zimi Sawacha

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Zimi Sawacha, PhD student

Department of Information Engineering

University of Padova

Via Gradenigo, 6b I-35131 PADOVA - Italy

e-mail: Zimi.Sawacha@dei.unipd.it


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