View Full Version : How to use Electromagnetic Tracking System in the upper-limb?

Jiang Mingtao
06-23-2004, 01:00 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,
I am a newcomer in this field. I hope you could help me. Now I am using a Polhemus
electromagnetic tracking system to track the motion of human upper-limb. The
tracking system has 8 sensors. I am considering using 4 sensors placed on the hand,
forearm, upper-arm and the acromion to do the job. The problem is that how to get
the relationship between the coordinate system of the sensor and the local
coordinate system of upper-limb segment. I have read a paper which mentioned that
they used some standard poses to accomplish this. I hope those who have done similar
work could give me some advice. Tell me your process when you use Electromagnetic
Tracking system to get the motion data. Anything related Electromagnetic tracking
system is appreciated.

Jiang Mingtao
Biomechanics Lab

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