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Ton Van Den Bogert
06-25-2004, 02:53 AM
Forwarded message. Please contact Sue Hull if you need further information.


Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator


>From: "Sue Hull"

Please find attached the link to Call for Papers 2005, plus links to
other events the Society is holding this year. Could you put our call
for papers on your site please?


Also our dates for Annual Conference 2006 are 4-6 April 2006

Events we also have are
http://www.ergonomics.org.uk/events/1DC1004.htm Simulation in
http://www.ergonomics.org.uk/events/1DC1104.htm Patient Safety and
http://www.ergonomics.org.uk/events/SC2004.htm Student conf

Many thanks for your help


Sue Hull
Conference and Marketing Officer
The Ergonomics Society

The Society office is moving. It will close at 1600 on Friday 30 July
04 and re-open at 0900 on Monday 9 August 04. The new address is:

The Ergonomics Society
Elms Court
Elms Grove

All other contact details remain unchanged.

+ 44 (0)1509 234904 - Tel
+ 44 (0)1509 235666 - Fax

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