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06-29-2004, 09:36 PM
Dear all,
as promised this is a summary of my previous post regarding a pressure
sensor footplate's mat.
Thank you very much to all who responded to my question.

Hope these informations will be helpful for someone else.

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> Zimi,
> I have some experience with measuring plantar pressures in patients with
> diabetic neuropathy using the novel emed-X system (www.novel.de). The
> manual actually recommends covering the platform with a thin synthetic
> leather for just the reason you mentioned. Let me argue this both ways:
> DECIDE TO COVER YOUR MAT: A firm(hard) material such as linoleum will
> the pressure distribution by dispersing force over more area - you
> definitely don't want this. A soft material may also distribute force if
> is thick enough to increase contact on the concave surface of the foot
> is while we use shaped insoles). If the soft material is thin this effect
> will be negligible as compared to inherent system errors, subject
> variability (which will be high for patients with neuropathy), etc.
> DECIDE NOT TO COVER YOUR MAT: Although subject objectivity is important in
> research trials, covering the mat can greatly increase the difficulty in
> data collection. This is especially true in a population with shuffling
> gait, impaired vision, and poor proprioceptive feedback. Our use is more
> the clinical side and for various reasons we have adopted the "first-step"
> method of data collection rather than a mid-gait analysis. It sometimes
> takes us 20 minutes to obtain 6 good trials from this population using the
> first-step method on an uncovered mat. I cannot even imagine the time
> patience) required to obtain multiple mid-gait trials on a covered
> Let me know if I can help with any other questions and good luck.
> -Marc
> Marc Petre
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> Subject: [BIOMCH-L] preassure sensor footplate
> Dear all,
> We are setting up our gait lab and we'll concentrate on studying
> diabetic-naturopathic patients; that's why we will need to collect both
> plantar pressure data and kinetic data coming out from a force plate. In
> doing it we will place a sort of a "plantar pressure plate" over a force
> plate. Here comes my concern: if I'd like to cover the two systems, so
> the patient doesn't know where they are, is there any material that would
> not alter the plantar pressure data? I'm afraid that if I use a common
> walkway material (linoleum, moquette...) the signal I measure might be
> altered from the contact between the foot and the mat, the mat and the
> pressure plate.
> Any help and advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
> I will post all relevant answers in the near future.
> Many Thanks,
> Zimi Sawacha
> Zimi Sawacha, PhD student
> Department of Information Engineering
> University of Padova
> Via Gradenigo, 6b I-35131 PADOVA - Italy
> e-mail: Zimi.Sawacha@dei.unipd.it
> zimisawi@hotmail.com
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Dear Zimi,

There is a relatively new wall covering process that "spatters" paint with
colors to give a granite type look. Since it is spattered, it has a slight
which may help to comouflage it. There are also granite roll on paint
products that may
suite your needs.

I'm sure your local hardware store or wall/floor covering contractor would
be able to
point you in the right direction. Good luck.

Stephen Dixon
University of New Brunswick
MSc (candidate)
c - 506.457.8831
o - 506.451.1345
h - 506.455.3961
Dear Zimi,

We are designer and manufacturer of the RSscan INTERNATIONAL pressure
system: footscan.

A few years ago we have designed the footscan 3D system. This pressure
plate (0.5 meter up to 2 meter) can be placed on top of a force plate
and the analogue signals from the force plate can be interfaced and
displayed within the pressure system. We also use the vertical force
signal to calibrate our system for each measured frame. This unique self
calibrating device is allowing absolute pressure data.

On top of that you can use EVA walkway material. We have tested with
that already in different setups (universities in Belgium and UK) and
the small slice of EVA material does not influence the pressure
measurement (nor timing or pressure values).

Best regards,

Wim Lambrechts
Management & Marketing
Lammerdries 27
B-2250 Olen
tel.: +32 14 23 20 31
fax.: +32 14 23 53 90
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Perhaps Mike Rowling of CIR Systems can be of assistance. He deals with
the GAITRite as well as other gait and balance systems which I have
found to be quite valid and reliable.


David A. Lehman, PhD, PT

Associate Professor

Tennessee State University

Department of Physical Therapy

3500 John A. Merritt Blvd.

Nashville, TN 37209



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Dear Zimi,

do you already have the plantar footplate? Are your subjects going to walk
on bare feet? The reason I am asking this is because I am interested too in
the measure of the foot pressure distribution during posture and eventually
during gait. I am not sure if the following link can be on any help to you
but this is the only thing I have ever seen for the application that your
are thinking about: http://www.sensorprod.com/tactilus/pdf/Footing.pdf

I don't know if it is expensive, because I am not at the point of ordering
equipment yet, but it is a possibility.

Best luck for your study and if you need any further help just let me know,


Massimo Cenciarini, Graduate Student Researcher
3700 O'Hara St.
749 Benedum Hall Bldg.
Bioengineering Dept., School of Engineering
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

(412)624-8126 work phone
(412)680-8066 mobile phone
(412)362-6004 home phone
(412)647-0108 fax
mac50@pitt.edu e-mail

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