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07-14-2004, 09:40 AM
Several months ago, I had a posting related to
a biomechanics teaching site on the web that I have
been running for several years. I had grand plans
to include all sorts of additional information.

The bad news is that I only received 5 responses.
(Thanks to Ken Fischer, Peter Vint, Rick Hinrichs,
Nick Stergiou and Chris Kirtley.)

The good news is that this motivated me to do an
even more comprehensive web search.

Consequently, I kept the format the same, but now
the site has links to over 100 classes. For the
record, we are not a very creative bunch with
respect to class names - there are almost 30 classes
with the name Biomechanics.

So as always, if you have any URL additions or files
that you want to send me, please do so. The site is
still at:



- Andy

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Andrew Karduna, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
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Time to put in my annual plug for the following
biomechanics teaching site:


There are a least 2 major problems with this site:
Outdated links and an increasing number of faculty
using password protected sites with the use of
tools like Blackboard and WebCT (myself included).

Consequently, I would like to create an online
database of syllabi and other information that
faculty members are willing to contribute.

So I am asking for the following from all willing:

1) A list of biomechanics courses in your department
2) For as many courses as possible, one of the following:
- A website
- As an attachment, the most recent class syllabus
- Whether the class can be taken on-line
3) What category you want to be included in
(eg, Kinesiology, Ergonomics, Bioengineering, etc...)
4) Any other information you want to include (eg labs)

Pdf files are preferred, but if you want to send me another
file type, I can convert it to pdf format.

I have put together a template of what I think each
department's page might look like (using my own department
as a sample):


Suggestions are welcome and thanks for your help.

- Andy Karduna

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