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Richard Smith
07-20-2004, 11:35 PM
The University of Sydney, Australia

Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (Industry)

3 years full time: AUS$54,817, AUS$56,831 and AUS$58,843 per annum.

We are seeking an enthusiastic person to participate as a post-doctoral
fellow in a 3 year major research project entitled Children Walking Well.
This project will be a fully funded collaboration between an industry
partner and the ARC and conducted mainly through the University of Sydney.
It will combine the capability of Clarks’ Australian footwear design team
and an experienced, multidisciplinary team of researchers to ensure that
Australian children have a healthy start to life. The aim is to establish
the impact of footwear decisions and usage upon biomechanics and physical
activity selection of children in Australia. The ultimate aim is that
children have healthy feet and footwear that is complementary to mobility
and appropriate to growth and development and safety.

This person will be responsible for the laboratory experiments and the
measurements. He/she will join the team already having the requisite
experience in the use of a multi-camera motion analysis system and
electromyography and the subsequent data processing and analyses. However,
these skills will be further developed over the course of the project, by
requiring the incorporation of additional instrumentation and analyses.
He/she will be skilled in computer programming and together with the
biomechanics investigators on the project, will advance the existing models.
It is essential that this person has experience in gait research, but not
specifically in foot biomechanics research, since the two are closely
related and the team at Sydney can provide the necessary education and
training. The project will utilise various laboratory processes to acquire
gait data such as motion kinematics, kinetics, electromyography and foot
pressure collection methods.

The knowledge and experience of the whole team will be advanced with time on
the project. This project draws information from several sources and the
post-doctoral fellow will work closely with the PhD candidate of the project
and the chief investigators and industry partner representatives at all
stages. Not only will he/she develop skills in team work, he will also
acquire skills in leadership and organisation. The skills that will be
developed over the course of this project have wide applicability for
him/her to other research employment endeavours involving human movement and
footwear for any purpose.

Essential criteria are experience in the use of a multi-camera motion
analysis system and subsequent analysis, the ability to work as part of a
team, high level written and verbal skills and an interest in the topic.
Desirable skills include programming/modelling, prior experience in foot
research, EMG experience and publications on relevant topics.

Interested persons should contact

Richard Smith PhD

Associate Professor

School of Exercise and Sport Science

The University of Sydney

PO Box 170 Lidcombe 1825


Ph: +612 9351 9462

Fax: +612 9351 9204

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