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07-27-2004, 01:39 AM
Dear Colleagues
I would like to inform you that there is an error in the published Impact
Factor for the Journal of Sports Sciences (JSS). You may have noticed that
the 2003 impact factor (Institute for Scientific Information-ISI Web Of
Knowledge, Thomson Scientific) for JSS appears to have slipped dramatically
to 0.741, ranking it at about 38th in the Subject Category of Sport Science

The 2003 impact factor is the ratio of citations in 2003 to papers published
in 2001 and 2002 and as this was a big decrease without any change in the
journal publication frequency, I decided to investigate the calculation of
the impact factor in detail. As I suspected, the 2003 impact factor
calculations included 109 abstracts from the British Association of Sports
and Exercise Sciences (BASES) 2001 conference published in Vol. 20, Issue
1, January 2002. Although the JSS publishes abstracts from selected meetings
of affiliated societies after full peer review, these abstracts from
meetings should NOT be included in the impact factor calculations. The
correct 2003 impact factor is thus 1.292, based on the actual number of
original full papers published in 2001-02 and their citations in 2003.

Thomson Scientific have now acknowledged the error in their calculations and
the correct impact factor is going to be published in the ISI Web of
Knowledge website, but this will not happen before the end of the summer or
beginning of autumn at the earliest. Without going into the arguments about
impact factors and related research and publication quality issues (but I
would be happy if anybody else would like to open this can of worms!), I
thought I'd let you know of this error in case any of you are concerned
about publication in the Journal of Sports Sciences via the Biomechanics
Section of the journal, given the erroneously published decrease in the
impact factor.

With the actual impact factor (1.292) JSS is in a very healthy 16th position
out of 71 journals in the Sport Sciences Subject category of ISI, one of the
highest it has been as far as I can recollect. The JSS is an
interdisciplinary journal and is not listed in the Biomedical Engineering
subject category but for colleagues that have published or considering
publishing papers via the Biomechanics Section of the journal, it might be
useful to note that an impact factor of 1.292 is fourth amongst the journals
in the Biomed. Eng. subject category of ISI that normally publish sport or
human movement biomechanics related original papers.

With best wishes

V. Baltzopoulos, PhD
Biomechanics Section Editor
Journal of Sports Sciences

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Manchester Metropolitan University
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