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07-27-2004, 02:55 AM
First Announcement


to be held at
The National Physical Laboratory
Teddington, London, England
28th -29th October 2004

Sponsored and Endorsed by National Physical Laboratories, The Welsh
Development Agency, Faraday Medical Devices, MediWales, European
Society of Biomechanics, European Society of Engineering in Medicine,
UK Society of Biomaterials, FirstNumerics Ltd. and Wilde and

Call for papers/posters/displays and participants

Suggested topics:

- Tissue scaffold characterisation - porosity, stiffness and fluid
flow. 3 dimensional Scaffold architectures, simulation and micro
scale modelling of solid/fluid interaction.

- Bio-compatible coatings, bioreactive surfaces, biodegradables,
surface treatments and finishes and intelligent implant systems.

- Multiscale techniques - macro/meso/micro/nano - to predict tissue
response. Mechanotransduction, modelling of soft tissue structures
ligaments, tendons, cartilage, valves and stents. Implant/tissue
micro motion, interface measurements and analysis.

- Simulation of biological systems: modelling of cell structures,
simulation of soft and hard tissue. Applications in virtual surgery
and prediction of time dependent response including regeneration

- International Standards and Regulatory Requirements for Tissue
Engineered Medical Products.

Leading experts in the field will give presentations and
representatives from BETA TECHNOLOGY (EU funding and assistance) and
EPSRC (UK research funding in Medical Engineering) who will provide
details of opportunities and grants within their research portfolios.

Industrial and commercial organisations are particularly welcome and
if you wish to make a presentation please send a 100/200 word
abstract, in WORD format, of your proposed presentation/poster to
Andrea Gartner at . Further updates and means of
registering will be placed on the meditech website. Deadline for
abstacts/registration 30 September 2004.

The meeting will be held over two days at NPL, Teddington. The fee
for the meeting will be 120 and will include lunches and dinner at
Hampton Court Palace - the home of King Henry Vlll.

You are also welcome to join our newly updated MEDITECH Website at
, which provides a pro-active International
Medical Engineering and Technology Research Network.

Paul Tomlins (NPL)
John Middleton (UWCM)

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