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Damien Lacroix
08-16-2004, 06:59 PM
Dear Biomechanical Student,

After being elected at the Council of the European Society of Biomechanics
(ESB) at our last conference in Den Bosh at the beginning of July, I was
appointed Chairman of the Student Committee. Therefore, in some way, I am
acting as your representant within our society.

As you may know, the ESB is a professional society that promotes science
in Biomechanics. Thus, if you are doing a PhD in a field related to
Biomechanics, it is in your interest to belong to a society where most
European Researchers in Biomechanics belong to.

A various number of initiatives will be set-up in the next few months
within the council to foster student membership application and to provide
useful information and activities to young scientists (including PhD
students and young post-doc).

One important measure that has already been set-up by the last council is
to give the opportunity to students to become member of the ESB for as
little as 20 Euro per year.
Some member benefits include:
- ESB Meeting in even years (reduced rate)
- ESB Summer Schools in odd years (reduced rate)
- ESB Newsletter appears quarterly (free)
- ESB Forum: electronic access to a large network of biomechanics
specialists (free)
- ESB reduced rates for a variety of scientific journals
- ESB campaigns for more biomechanics funding at the European level
- ESB endeavours to build educational networks around biomechanics
Moreover, special benefits to students will be proposed and implemented within the next few months. Some of them
may include:
- detailed information on the ESB web site (http://www.utc.fr/esb/) of the european laboratories working in biomechanics
- information about possible exchange to another laboratory
- information about available courses (in biomechanics and other related
- job opportunies in biomechanics (offer, demand and information) in
industry and academics
- list of funding sources

Not only, I encourage you to become a member of the ESB, but I also would
be grateful to receive any suggestion on how to improve the society's
services for the young scientists and to know what you would expect from the ESB.

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact me. For more
information on membership application, please contact Jose-Manuel Garcia
(jmgaraz@posta.unizar.es) who is the Chairman of the Membership Committee.

With my best regards,

Damien Lacroix, PhD (damien.lacroix@upc.es)
Chairman, ESB Student Committee

Jose Manuel Garcia, PhD (jmgaraz@posta.unizar.es)
Chairman, ESB Membership Committee

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