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Benjamin Winkel
08-16-2004, 09:58 PM
Dear Biomech-L subscribers,

I'm in the process of implementing/developing a general 3D-FE-model for
muscle tissue, which includes the implemetation of appropriate elements
(f-bar), if necessary stabilisation techniques, and constitutive
equations. the latter is currently rather basic, based on what
Johannson, Maier and Blickhan proposed in 2000 (J. theor. Biol.). It
consists of the usual split into passive and active behavior, with the
active part taking activation-, velocity- and strain dependence into

in this context I have two concerns:
1.) when it comes to the passive properties usually Mooney-Rivlin or
Ogden descriptions are used with parameters that have been identified
through one-dimensional test specimen. I wonder if any real-world data
or even models of the tree-dimensional passive properties of muscle
tissue (including anisotropy) are available. I didn't manage to find any.

2.) this work is supposed to lead to a PhD-thesis. As we're not equipped
to perform any biomechanic experiments at our institute I'm very
interested in current experiments or research to verify the FE-model on.
I can imagine impact/injury simulations, research of inertia effects
during activiation, and there might be several medical applications as
well. If you have any suggestions, hints, or projects running in this
field I'd be very grateful for your reply.

Finally if you have suggestions related to the topic, but not to my
questions feel free to let me know as well. I appreciate that just as
much, as there is a certain lack of dialog partners in the area of
biomechanics at our institution.

with best regards,

Benjamin Winkel
PhD student
Insitute of Structural Mechanics
Bauhaus University Weimar

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