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Xavier Gréhant
08-23-2004, 04:07 AM
Dear Biomch-L-er's,

We are searching for an existing gait database to
study the statistical invariants in a person’s steady
and transient gait, when gait is represented as the
vertical trajectory of a marker on the heel.

We wish this database to include several people’s gait
data, in three different situations for each: steady
gait data (after a long walk, like 30 min), data of
walk initiation from a standing posture and from a
sitting posture.

Our purpose is to design an algorithm of human
recognition from a distance based on transient as well
as steady gait.

Please reply to: xg@asu.edu
Thanks in advance.


Xavier Grehant, Research Assoc.
Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing
Arizona State University

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