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I.o.r. 1bolboemi,it,imu
09-05-1993, 07:12 PM
Dear Friends,
I have a nice problem to deal with. I'd like to find out a simple model,
mainly based on the beam theory, of the following problem. I need to know the
the bending and shear diagrams for a vertical beam, partially potted in a large
block of polymethilmethacrylate, under a pure bending moment applied at the
free extremity. The E module for the beam is over 200 GPa and for the cement is
only 3 GPa. So, describing it as a perfect incastre does not work.
I have tried with some pressure distribution assumptions for the cement-beam
contact; but all of the predict the highest bending moment close to the potted
end of the beam. however, the exeperimental measurements, show that the
highest bending moment is a few mm. below the cement surface. Any suggestion?

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